Berkemeyer Attorneys & Counselors has a network of specialized and experienced attorneys and investigators operating from its offices in Asunción and covering all the territory of Paraguay, including the Tri Border Area.

The list of services includes:

  • Trademark searches and purchases
  • Domain name searches and purchases
  • Verification of use enquiries
    • In-house data base and searching tools are used to locate the targets. Relevant trade and media publication, listing and databases are searched. Internet presence is also determined, if any.
  • Investigations through internet
    • Basic internet search of targets
  • Anti counterfeiting investigations
    • When cases require, trap purchases are set to obtain samples together with offers to supply to use as evidence. Also, conducting and designing market surveys to highlight specific problems in the market place, is recommended
  • Company name searches and purchases
  • Company and individuals investigations
    • An overview of the company is given, and includes details of the Directorship and ownership of a company, an idea of how long the company has been trading for, what area of business the company trades in (under request, we can constitute “on site” and get business cards, pictures, and any marketing material, if any) and exactly what it does and any other specific details our clients may require.
  • Sample purchase
    • We can discreetly purchase products for our clients to use as evidence or just for their own knowledge

Investigations and research projects can be executed according to our client’s needs.

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